Savour Chocolate Program

Festival of Chocolate

The Festival of Chocolate created a Savour Chocolate Program… where we invite any business to create a chocolate themed event between October 15 to November 10 – (chocolate high tea…coffee and a chocolate influenced dessert, maybe a wine and chocolate pairing party, whiskey and chocolate sampling event, a 3 course (20 course?) lunch or Dinner, where each course has a chocolate influence… paired with beers, wines, whatever).

Chocolatiers and Chocolate Shops – create a signature Festival of Chocolate item, tell us about it, and let’s tell the world to drop by your business and try it. The goal is to drive traffic to each business, and, of course, to celebrate chocolate, and all things that pair with chocolate!

We have chosen these dates because most businesses are a little less busy during these 3 weeks.. Actually, we know, chocolate keeps every business busy.

Why are we doing this?

  • The Festival of Chocolate really is all about giving our interns mentored work experience, our students the chance to gain real work experience so they can get meaningful employment in their fields upon graduation
  • The work experience covers all aspects of a successful business –from Human Resources to Media, Admin to the culinary arts
  • Funds raised support our mentorship programs
  • Les Dames D’escoffier are hosting events to raise funds for a Les Dames scholarship. 100 percent of funds from Les Dames events go to the Les Dames scholarship program
  • The Festival of Chocolate makes a significant economic impact to the Lower Mainland, bringing in tourists from all over the world
  • The Festival of Chocolate adds revenues to businesses during slow times
  • Over the last few years some small businesses have revenue increases of 100 percent. The goal of course, is to create an event when you have some down time, but, have the staff; and, of course to increase business all times of your operations
  • Afternoon teas have been very, very successful
  • Chocolate brunches have been very, very successful
  • Chocolate infused special menus, with wine or beer pairings with each course have been successful
  • Chocolate Martinis, chocolate beverages, samplings, tasting events or chefs demos (including your fabulous bartenders – your liquid chefs) have been successful
  • Chocolate infused tapas hours – such as a flight of beer, scotch, whiskeys, wine, even tea and coffee tastings, paired with chocolate infused or influences savories and sweets

Needless to say, the opportunities are endless

British Columbia – we invite you to participate…  You can do anything you wish… create chocolate themed events at your restaurant. Participate in the festival

Option 1:

We can list your restaurant as a Savour Chocolate Participant, on our website, with your logo and a link to your website, and you take over from there.  We support you with facebook, twitter, and our website;

Cost: $100.00

Option 2:

We list your business, with your logo, and a description of your business and your events, on our Festival of Chocolate website.  We support your marketing team with our team – facebook, twitter, and our fabulous media and food bloggers.

We sell tickets to your events through our festival e-commerce site – ( We have used this marketing and sales platform for the last 3 years – very efficient. (Thanks Karen Hamilton of Tiny Bites for helping us with this)

  • We keep the business updated with every sale
  • We collect the money thru PayPal
  • We send you the money weekly, with your reservation lists
  • Our costs to do this –$100 for the listing, and marketing, plus 20% of ticket price, only on tickets sold…
  • If you are hosting an event over $100.00, we can discuss percentage
  • Most events are between $10 to $50

British Columbia – we invite you to participate – over 5000 people went through 160 events last year in the 3 weeks…

Welcome to the Festival of Chocolate and a Savour Chocolate Program that is designed to increase your revenues. We look forward to your participation.